4 Key Elements to Creating a Successful Experience Centre 

We recognize the need for diverse, meaningful experiences. That’s why we refer to our projects as Experience Centres. We infuse our work with enriching moments that connect to our customers’ deep desires. While every place is unique, we’ve noticed a pattern in our success – here are 4 key elements to designing a memorable Experience Centre:

People at the heart
We take a human-centred approach to planning and design — we create for people above all else. Backed by research, we design experiences that respond to deep human needs, providing scale, shelter, comfort, walkability, convenience, relevance and inspiration. For example, our recent project, Bonnie Doon, was planned in alignment with the existing residential area and its community’s needs.

Building Together
We believe that it is important to foster inclusive communities where we celebrate diversity and fulfil human aspirations and desires. With Bonnie Doon, we are providing activities and programming in public, retail and residential spaces that harmonize with this community.

Connecting the Public
Influential experience centres showcase strong and connected public realm design. We like to introduce a high proportion of green open space to accommodate features like community gardens, water fountains, all-season activities, restaurants, terraces and artwork.

Branding the Experience
Creating a physical experience for us is just the beginning. We believe that design goes #BeyondBuildings. Our in-house marketing studio MARKiTECTURE strives to capture the essence of your brand and creates a cohesive narrative that resonates with customers.

Completing the story of Bonnie Doon, our team created the logo, brand identity, promotional video and fly-through animation.