4 Key Elements to Creating a Successful Experience Centre 

We recognize the need for diverse, meaningful experiences. That’s why we refer to our projects as Experience Centres. We infuse our work with enriching moments that connect to our customers’ deep desires. While every place is unique, we’ve noticed a pattern in our success – here are 4 key elements to designing a memorable Experience Centre:

People at the heart
We take a human-centred approach to planning and design — we create for people above all else. Backed by research, we design experiences that respond to deep human needs, providing scale, shelter, comfort, walkability, convenience, relevance and inspiration. For example, our recent project, Bonnie Doon, was planned in alignment with the existing residential area and its community’s needs.

Building Together
We believe that it is important to foster inclusive communities where we celebrate diversity and fulfil human aspirations and desires. With Bonnie Doon, we are providing activities and programming in public, retail and residential spaces that harmonize with this community.

Connecting the Public
Influential experience centres showcase strong and connected public realm design. We like to introduce a high proportion of green open space to accommodate features like community gardens, water fountains, all-season activities, restaurants, terraces and artwork.

Branding the Experience
Creating a physical experience for us is just the beginning. We believe that design goes #BeyondBuildings. Our in-house marketing studio MARKiTECTURE strives to capture the essence of your brand and creates a cohesive narrative that resonates with customers.

Completing the story of Bonnie Doon, our team created the logo, brand identity, promotional video and fly-through animation.

Silver ICSC for Vivo Imperio

We are very happy to win another design award, this time for Vivo Imperio mixed-use development in Santiago, Chile. This brings our total number of awards to 40.

This dynamic new project consists of 2 office towers and 6 levels of retail and food and now attracts 900,000 people a month.

RECon Latin America & Caribbean Conference

Shopping centers are evolving. Customers are demanding more than just shops. We need to design rich and meaningful experiences for today’s consumer. We need to create Experience Centers.

Jeremy McMullin, our President and Lead Designer, will be speaking at the RECON conference in Cartagena on
Thursday, October 11th at 3:30 pm – 4.30 pm CST.

Jeremy will demonstrate how experience centers can be successfully designed using examples of our current global project.

Please Visit us in person at RECon Latin America & Caribbean conference on Oct 10th – 12th, 2018.

Peri Roosevelt & Shopping Nova América Win Gold & Silver ICSC Awards

We have won two more prestigious awards from the ICSC, for a total of 38 awards for design excellence and development success.

PERI ROOSEVELT We designed the lifestyle expansion to this existing shopping centre, using inspiration from the surrounding landscape, increasing sales by 35% and winning a silver design and development award.

SHOPPING NOVA AMÉRICA After a fire destroyed part of the shopping centre, it was redesigned and rebuilt to great success, winning a gold design and development award.

Oshawa Centre Expansion

The Oshawa Centre project is an expansion and renovation of the 1.25 million square foot shopping centre. This redevelopment added 60 new retail stores, two full-service restaurants, another 1,000-seat expansion to the food court, and overall aesthetic upgrade to other common areas.

Celebrating 35 years

This year is all about celebrations!

DESIGNCORP International is reaching a milestone of 35 years as a company this year. We have been operating around the world and have fostered relationships with our clients, which span continents. We continue to grow and change and hope to conquer new markets and take part in exciting new projects!

Leader Profile: Milenna Crespo, Bem Vinda

We’re very excited to announce that Milenna Crespo has become a full partner of DESIGNCORP International as of this July. Milenna has been with our company for 15 years and we are so glad she is a part our family!

Milenna Crespo has been working in design and architecture since graduating from Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo PUC –Campinas in 1994. Part of DESIGNCORP International since 2001, Milenna is a natural leader and communicator, and has thus far used her enthusiasm and skill to run DESIGNCORP International’s São Paulo office.

Milenna has been the president of  the Brazil office,  and now has become a full partner of the global operation.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the DESIGNCORP International family.

Leader Profile: CEO Hilda Kopff

Hilda Kopff, our CEO and founder of DESIGNCORP International has been planning and designing shopping centres, mixed-use projects, cinemas and retail spaces since 1967. Her passion for design, travel and personal relationships has caused her career and life to flourish as she took her talents around the globe.

The recipient of numerous awards for excellence in design, Hilda is a natural leader, communicator and design #enthusiast. Her golden touch and sound instincts have helped lead many projects and companies to ultimate success. She founded DESIGNCORP International in 1981.